Tuesday 13th March, 12:15, Seminar Room – The right place, the right time, the right people. Invest in Lubelskie Region, Poland (Panel)

Wiktor Doktór is an Outsourcing Industry Expert, specialising in a wide range of outsourcing and shared service activities including BPO, SSC, R&D, ITO, Call and Contact Centre, as well as in the subject of nearshoring and offshoring. He is the CEO of Pro Progressio; the consulting and advisory organisation in the area of modern business services.

Wiktor is one of the top outsourcing personalities in Poland, and has been awarded many times for his work focused on the development and growth of outsourcing industry. Wiktor and Pro Progressio are European Partners of German Outsourcing Association, IAOP and Global Sourcing Association, as well as other global outsourcing associations. Wiktor is also the owner of OutsourcingPortal and Outsourcing&More Magazine; leading outsourcing industry media platforms in Poland.