Monday 12th March, 15:10, Seminar Room – Wellness in the Workplace (Panel)

With over 20 years’ experience in the field of workplace welfare, Richard is the Director of Wellbeing at Westfield Health.

Richard heads up the coaching team at Westfield Health, and is responsible for the writing and validation of all workshop and seminar materials. He has an extensive track record of delivering wellbeing workshops to employees and management training across all UK industry sectors. His professional specialty is coaching personal performance by developing individuals’ resilience to pressure and their ability to manage their energy levels.

His previous experience includes looking after 12,000 employees as a Healthcare Director of a leading European retail brand, and a Divisional Director for one of the world’s largest contract management companies, managing onsite gyms across the UK and Europe. Richard’s key qualifications include a BEd Hons, a Diploma in Management Studies and a Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences.

He is a very experienced conference speaker, and has developed a unique and motivational style in his more than 25 years’ experience in teaching, lecturing, training and coaching.