Tuesday 13th March, 16:15, Seminar Room – Starting and scaling a business in 2018 (Panel)

Born in the Midlands in 1979, Logan found himself regularly experiencing the pleasures of the beer garden as a child, despite an aversion to his Father’s “bitter”. In his 20s, fronting bands, travelling the globe and visiting numerous bars opened Logan’s door to beer exploration. Touring America after a gig in Brooklyn, a local recommended him to visit ‘Fette Sau’, where beer and pulled pork were served till the early hours; this was his dream. He left the band immediately and started planning Duke’s Brew and Que. Logan ordered a 25-litre brew kit and stacks of brewing books. Brewing on that kit, he honed three recipes: Neck Oil, 8Ball and Smog Rocket.

Beavertown Brewery was born and served in the kitchen of Duke’s; a 650-litre brew house. In March 2013, Beavertown moved to a site in Hackney Wick, then, outgrowing it, moved again in 2014 to an 11,000sqft unit in Tottenham, installing a 5,000-litre brewhouse to meet growing demand.

Now employing 75, Beavertown continues to grow, in beer and beyond. 1 unit is now 4, comprising of the brewhouse, 37×10,000L fermenters, canning line, warehouse, lab and wild beer programme; The Beavertown Tempus Project. Housing their original 750L kit, 300+ barrels, 2 foeders and 2 amphorae, Tempus is where Beavertown creates alchemy using bacteria, yeast, wood and time. Beyond brewing, they have a strong social media following of 120,000+, and held the inaugural Beavertown Extravaganza in 2017; the first UK beer fest of its kind, with 70+ world renowned breweries joining us and 8,000 drinkers to celebrate the industry.