Monday 12th March, 10:00, Workshop Space – Creating competitive advantage in dynamic markets (Workshop)

Kevin is Avondale’s Founder and Chairman. As a published author and widely sought after public speaker, he is recognised internationally as a leading authority on mergers, acquisitions and business transformation strategy.

Since establishing Avondale, Kevin has overseen the sale and purchase of more than 400 companies, drawing on his unique experience and skillset to help his clients maximise strategy in order to achieve outstanding outcomes for their business.

Avondale’s clients value Kevin’s dynamism and his creative, knowledge-driven approach; in particular, his ability to simplify complexities around the mergers and acquisitions process, and deliver clarity on a broad range of technical issues. As an experienced mentor to business owners and directors, he relishes the collaborative nature of his work, which sees him delivering balanced, objective-focused guidance to help companies achieve their goals. Kevin was named ‘UK Game Changer of the Year’ by ACQ Magazine in 2015, 2016 and 2017.